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tumbling away…..

I transitioned my blog to a new location and do not plan to post here much if at all.

It’s a link log (i.e. Daring Fireball) in between actual blog posts.  it’s also my microblog which may replace my Twitter usage.  And it’s everything else too.  I may post some videos or more immersive content in the future.  It’s hooked up to the real-time web using both rssCloud and PubSubHubBub.  It’s a short url -

I’m rusty with the long form blogging.  I’ve been more of a long form commenter and microblogger (@sull).  But i’m trying to find or form some blogging skills again.  Mostly tech/art/culture/personal/whatever.

I’m back in the groove of DIY.  Tired of using 3rd party services for everything.  It was time to setup a new blog where I control everything.  And this philosophy will bleed into everything else that I do on the Interwebs.  For the most part, the only Companies that i’ll be relying on are my web/file hosting services and domain registrars.  Nineties style!

so the handful of ya that may care…. sull is vocally active!

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